Book Editing Services

Congratulations! You’ve written a manuscript and now you’re ready for the next step—editing! If there is

one reliable rule of writing, it’s that you’re never done when you think you’re done. That’s where I come

in. Everyone needs an objective eye to troubleshoot areas of your manuscript that might prevent your

story from being the best it can be, and in the current publishing climate, manuscripts need to be in near-

perfect shape to be considered by agents and editors. I offer a variety of services to help you get there.

I work with manuscripts in the categories of Young Adult, Women’s Fiction, Commercial Fiction, and

Upmarket Fiction and have helped edit a number of books including New York Times bestsellers and lead

titles. I do not provide copyedits.

First 50 Pages Only

This is the service I would strongly recommend for all my first-time clients because it allows you to test

out the editorial relationship and see if we are a match. If you find the notes you receive after 50 pages are

helpful and want to move onto the Structural Edits Service, or Line Editing Service, the charge for the

first 50 pages will be credited towards other services. This service is also good if you’re confident in your

manuscript and your query letter but still want to make sure your first 50 pages are as perfect as possible

to maximize your chances that agents will request your full manuscript.

I offer a discounted rate for structural as well as line edits for your first 50 pages.

Price: $85

Structural Edits

This is my most popular service, as most manuscripts require adjustments in structure, characterization,

plot, pacing etc. in order to grab an audience and keep them reading. I will read your manuscript and

provide an editorial letter which includes your manuscript’s strengths and weaknesses as well as

suggestions on how to improve it, including where to cut or add text for pacing, how to make your

characters better leap off the page, and how to strengthen the plotline and make sure the structure of your

narrative is as tight and effective as possible. After you read and digest the letter, I will provide a twenty

to thirty minute phone call where you can ask questions, brainstorm ideas, etc.

Price: $2 per page

Line Editing

Perhaps your manuscript has already been read and revised to address structural issues but you could use

a more targeted edit to help improve the language, bring out your voice, and tighten up the beats in your

scenes. I will read your manuscript and return it to you marked up with extensive line notes, comments in

the margins, and deletions that will improve your manuscript at the sentence and scene level. I will also

include an editorial letter that highlights where your writing strengths are and points out any bad habits

you may be unconsciously falling into (we all have them!).

Prices: $3 per page

Submission Packet Critique

So you’re ready to query agents, but you know that in order to get an agent to request the full manuscript

you need your query letter and first 30 pages to be perfect.

For this service, I will read your first 30 pages and give structural as well as line edit notes to make sure

you are grabbing, and keeping, the attention of the reader. I will also provide feedback on your query


Price: $60

Writing Coaching

Some clients prefer to have someone help them along during the process of writing the manuscript instead

of waiting until it’s finished. As your writing coach, I will work with you on an ongoing basis to make

sure you’re on the right path. You will send me chapters as you complete them, and I will send them back

to you with line edits as well as structural suggestions to make sure you stay motivated and your story

stays on track. I charge on an hourly basis for this service. Many clients find that they only need this at

the beginning of their writing journey. Once they have a solid 100 pages it becomes easier to use what

they have learned from that to complete the rest.


Price: $75 per hour


Payment is 50 percent upon obtaining my services and 50 percent on delivery.

I offer discounts to clients who purchase multiple services as well as to returning clients.

I accept checks, PayPal, and money orders.

How to Reach Me

If you’re interested in any of the above editorial services or a combination, contact me at

Please include your manuscript’s length (number of double-spaced pages in 12-point Times New Roman

font, one-inch margins), a brief one-paragraph synopsis of your manuscript as well as its history (whether it’s

been revised or seen by agents etc.), and which services interest you.